Planned features for the Gamer Footprint desktop client

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With the IGA's name change in the spring, I will also be launching the first version of the Gamer Footprint desktop client. The new Gamer Footprint desktop client will feature a complete code rebase meaning that it will be built from the ground up. There were a lot of things that needed improving in the IGA desktop client that will be addressed in the Gamer Footprint desktop client.

Some features:

  • Website integration - view full profile, achievements/trophies, upload videos/pictures/music/etc
  • Friends List - Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Gamer Footprint
  • Achievement/Trophy tracking on Xbox Live, PSN, Steam - possibly later Ubisoft's Uplay, Starcraft II achievements
  • If Nintendo creates a web interface for the Nintendo Network, it is possible that there will be Nintendo Network integration in the desktop client
  • Video capturing (provided I can figure out how to do cross platform video capturing using FFMPEG) - this will allow you to capture game play of your PC, Mac, Linux, and console games (capture card required for consoles)
Those are just a few features that I plan to implement eventually. They may not all make it into the first release of the Gamer Footprint client, but they are definitely on the road map for some point in the future.

IGA name change in the spring of 2013!

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In the spring of 2013, the IGA will be known as Gamer Footprint. Work is being done on the new Gamer Footprint website and will officially launch this spring. The new website address will be and the old web address, will no longer be active. Registration is currently active on the Gamer Footprint website, but the site is not fully functional yet so don't expect much yet. Stay tuned for updates! Updates are posted to the Gamer Footprint Twitter and Facebook.

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