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4. March 2014 11:27 by Cameron in Gamer Footprint, Programming  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments

Some of you may be wondering what is the current status of Gamer Footprint? Development is live and well! In fact, there is a slightly functional proof of concept available to test at I have also bought the domain but this domain doesn't have any SSL configured yet. I mainly bought it for a shorter domain.

Please do note that the website is rapidly changing with new features several times a week and I sometimes have to clear out the database when my domain model changes or I find bugs that cause duplicate data. Therefore, the site is not 100% stable yet. I'm working very hard on making the user experience enjoyable. Some features that have been implemented are:

  • User profiles
    • The profiles are very basic right now, but I plan to implement a full timeline-like profile that includes a gamer's events such as played games or achievements/trophies
    • Your avatar is currently pulled from Gravatar and if you don't have a Gravatar, you should get one! It's a very nice service to have the same avatar across multiple websites. If no Gravatar can be found for your account email, it will display a generic image in place of your avatar.
    • If you have entered a PlayStation Network and/or an Xbox LIVE account, your profile will show your current presence on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE
    • Your information is safe and secured and transmitted over SSL. You only have to login once for your PSN or Xbox LIVE accounts. We don't store any passwords for accounts on our servers. I'm working on providing a method for not requiring account credentials, but you won't be able to send messages. If messaging your Xbox LIVE or PSN friends from a PC is important, you'll need to enter your account credentials.
  • Xbox LIVE games and achievements (Xbox One games and challenges support to come soon!)
  • Data APIs that directly interface with Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam
    • Get Xbox and Xbox One games, achievements, challenges, friends, presence and profile information
    • Get PlayStation games, trophies, friends, presence information and profile information - supports PSVITA, PS3, and PS4
    • These APIs have not yet been made public, but they should be available very soon. I will post documentation on how to request an API key and API endpoints for PSN and Xbox LIVE. I will not provide a data API for Steam since Valve provides their own and I don't want to use up my daily requests to the API with a wrapper API. There might be a way to let developers aggregate everything from all supported game networks (including Steam), but it would involve providing individual Valve issued API keys and I don't want to do that as it might be against their terms of service.
Planned features:
  • PlayStation Network games and trophies
    • The core for interfacing with PSN has been finished, but I have yet to write the data access layer and data persistence layer for this part
  • Timeline system - user level and global level
  • Message friends on Xbox LIVE and PSN from the website
  • Invite people via Xbox LIVE or PSN message
  • and much more!
Here are some preview screenshots:

Neo4j and SQL Server 2008 R2

Lately, I've been researching graph databases (NOSQL) as an alternative to traditional relational databases. The performance increase from a graph database compared to a relational database is phenomenal. To get my website rolling, I'm planning on using SQL Server 2008 R2 with the Microsoft Entity Framework. Once the data models are in place, I can then work on writing a SQL to graph database server application for migrating my data model into a graph database. There are several .NET libraries available for interfacing with Neo4j's REST API and the data migration should be trivial. My database migration tool will consist of using the Entity Framework to connect to SQL Server 2008 R2 and one of the .NET frameworks for manipulating Neo4j's REST API. I'll continue to post updates as they become available.

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