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18. June 2019 23:22 by Cameron in Home Network  //  Tags: , , , , , ,   //   Comments

After moving into our house, I had decided to get our Internet routed through the basement. This means no wires through the main floor and I had to think of a way to get coverage to my home theater PC in the living room. In my basement, I have a 24 port 1Gbe switch which I connect my HP Proliant DL380 G7, my office setup, and my Ethernet over power network. With Ethernet over power, I can get wired Ethernet on the main floor. The speed coming to the house is 400-600Mb/s and Ethernet over power provides around 130Mb/s which is ample for surfing and streaming.

I plan to move my home theater PC to my basement and give it a direct 10Gbe connection to my server. This is mainly for faster file transfers when I rip a new 4K HDR Blu-Ray. For this, I will need to copy files to a cache SSD and then to my RAID 6 array. The RAID 6 array provides 2 drive fault tolerance, but it does suffer in speed a little. I fear that I will not be able to fully saturate 10Gb so the cache will be a temporary storage location until the files are on the server. I will then have a job that will move the files from the cached location to the RAID array.

I still need a good rack mountable power delivery system and a decent rack mountable UPS. Hopefully I can invest in some of these soon.

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