Thoughts on Windows 8 Developer Preview

20. September 2011 13:30 by Cameron in Windows 8  //  Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   //   Comments

Last week I downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview in both the x64 and x86 editions. I first installed the x64 edition with the developer tools in a virtual machine in Oracle VirtualBox to get a feel for the operating system. After I had installed the DP, I immediately wanted to try out the new Metro UI applications. However, although the tiles were responding to my mouse clicks, they were not opening up in the virtual machine. I did some research to find out what might be the cause of this and learned that Metro UI apps require at least a 1024x768 screen resolution to run. I changed my screen resolution in my virtual machine to 1024x768 and voila, the Metro UI apps worked.

After getting a sense for the new Metro UI, I ventured into installing the 32 bit Windows 8 DP on my ASUS EEEPC T101MT Intel Atom netbook. The installation went smoothly as expected and I was brought into the Metro UI on login. My netbook has a 10.1 inch screen with a standard 1024x600 resolution so I had to apply a registry hack to get support for a 1024x768 resolution. After applying the registry hack and loading the EEEPC resolution changer, I was able to get my netbook running with a 1024x768 resolution. The higher resolution requires down scaling due to the smaller screen size, making things appear squished using the legacy UI. However, the Metro UI looks fairly nice with the higher resolution and most applications work well. 

I'd say overall, I'm pretty pleased with the first Windows 8 Developer Preview public release. I'm looking forward to seeing if Microsoft will actually add support for my smaller screen resolution in the upcoming releases. It will be great to see new features unfold as updates for the new operating system arrive.

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