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3. March 2018 17:16 by Cameron in 3D Printing  //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments

The dual-z axis upgrade kit came in this past week and I've been working on tuning the two lead screws to move together. This has been slightly challenging since I have two z-axis motors which can move out of synchronization. This results in having to adjust the Z-offset on my hotend occasionally and re-calibrate the bed for better first layer adhesion. Since the lead screws are not perfectly aligned up and down, there is quite a lot of vibration which causes a loud screeching sound during bed leveling and homing. I have tried using a hand level to get the lead screws aligned properly, but this has been difficult.

Instead, I am going to try using a single motor pulley system to drive both lead screws. I will need to print new brackets for this setup. The motor is mounted inverted which will hopefully decrease the wobbling. I was able to source most of the parts needed for this upgrade from the United States. The only piece I couldn't find was the closed loop GT2 timing belt. I ordered two new lead screws in case either of the ones I had from Tevo were accidentally bent slightly. I am hopeful that this will make my z-axis virtually quiet and will also improve my print quality immensely.

I am using supasorn's belt tensioner and dual-z axis design from Thingiverse. You can find his profile here: https://www.thingiverse.com/supasorn/designs

On both of his belt tensioner and dual-z axis pages, he has pictures of flawless 20mm calibration cubes. This is my ultimate goal after making these upgrades.

I ordered a dual-extruder kit and large bed kit from Tevo and hope to see those by late March/early April. In the meantime, I will be printing/tuning around the clock to get my workspace more organized. My desk is just covered in electronic boards and wires at the moment. I did finally manage to print the TUSH filament holder so I no longer have a ghetto filament holder setup.

Since I have my printer working well enough now, I thought I would try and print Maker's Muse Lattice Cube design. I made two separate scaled prints of the cube. The first attempt at printing the lattice cube did not work too well. I had scaled it to 25% in Cura, but the print came out a bit rough. There wasn't much room for the nozzle to move around freely at that scale. The cube nearly completed, but the nozzle got stuck on the top of the cube, near the end of the print, and I had to abort the print. In my second attempt, I scaled to 40% and printed with my silver PLA. The print took roughly an hour and the result is quite nice! After I tune my printer a bit more, I may try some of the more advanced designs.

I ordered some more colors of PLA filament (yellow, red, green). I would like to print all of the low poly designs (namely Pokemon to start) and I will be collecting different colors of PLA over the next few months. I would like to try some other materials soon, but I am not sure whether I want to try PETG or ABS. I am interested in flexible filament, but I'll need to modify my extruder to support those. I will be investing in PVA at some point in the near future too.

That's it for now! I will continue to post updates as I make more progress. I am going to work on a beginner's guide to building/configuring/upgrading their Tevo Tarantula soon.

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