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30. October 2019 15:37 by Cameron in 3D Printing, Home Theater  //  Tags:   //   Comments

In early October, I became a first time dad! My son was 9lbs 11oz and 22" at birth. He is now nearly 11lbs at 3 weeks old and is sleeping longer stretches. This is good since he is typically getting up only 1-2 times per night now. My wife covers the middle of the night while I get up with him in the early morning before work. I aim to be in the office around 9am so this works well. I'll typically feed and change him when I get up and then watch some Netflix for about an hour or so.

On the DIY project front, I hope to soon be getting back to a few of them soon. Here are some of the upcoming projects I want to accomplish:

  • HP DL380 G7 Arduino Nano PWM fan mod - my server sounds like a jet engine in the early hours of the morning on most days
  • Get 3D printer back online - I never set this up properly after we moved to our house back in July! I want to make sure this works and get some lighting installed on the frame so I can monitor prints remotely from upstairs.
  • Build Kevin Mellot's Virtual Boy Cart programmer - Again, I bought this back in July to build before the baby was born, but it didn't get done. I have the parts, but the build is contingent on my 3D printer being operational (at least for printing the enclosure)
  • Fix the soldering of the ribbon cables on second Virtual Boy - Maybe invest in the Virtual Tap for one if not both (VGA/SCART)
  • Build Virtual Boy link cable - maybe if I can find a 3d printed design for the plug
  • Add expansion audio to NESRGB install - I had iFixRetro do the original RGB install and it works well, but I forgot to ask Ben to install the expansion audio. It seems simple enough to do myself though.
In terms of computers, I'll want to make sure that all of my hackintoshes are up to date with macOS Catalina. I updated my HP Elite 8300 USDT last week, but I will need to update my Alienware 15 R2 and Thinkpad x230. I did an in place upgrade on my HP Elite 8300 USDT and adjusted the EFI/kext installation after the upgrade to restore audio. With my Alienware 15 R2, I have a new wireless card I need to try and install that should be 100% compatible and not cause random slow downs. The cool part about the PS/2 mouse driver is that the touch screen works! I have the 4K panel setup with the correct pixel timings too. For my Thinkpad x230, I just need to restore an older EFI backup since I accidentally broke something in a recent edit.
Since I've been appreciating CRT monitors and looking for rare ones in my area, I've had a thought to make a search engine to support searching multiple sources and extend the distance to a specific radius. Recently I saw an FW900 pop up in my area, but it only lasted a couple of days before it sold. I offered the seller a trade, but he said that he would only take cash. Ultimately, I passed on that monitor as it was $1k which is a ton of money considering the age of these monitors today. I found a reasonably priced 17" Graphite Apple Studio CRT Monitor from the G3 era which is beautiful and will suffice for my needs for quite some time. However, I will continue to keep my eyes open for a good deal should one become available.
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